Tel: +44 (0)207 186 1077

Tel: +44 (0)207 186 1077


Based in the Goldsmiths’ Centre on Britton Street in the heart of Clerkenwell, London, Wax-Masters is a newly formed computer aided design and rapid prototyping bureau.

With its founders and team being a mixture of award winning designers and craftsmen within the jewellery and silversmithing industry, Wax-Masters is at the forefront of a modern approach to jewellery manufacture and 3D design, equipped with extensive knowledge in the arts of design, manufacture and rapid prototyping.

The Wax-Masters team has over 20 years experience of design and engineering knowledge within the luxury goods industry. Their inherent attention to detail, hands-on experience, time and dedication and customer care fulfil each client’s needs and expectations settings them apart from many other 3D C.A.D. and rapid prototyping bureaus.

Rup Mugshot Credit Julia Skupny

‘With the background in the jewellery and luxury goods industries we have, and years of engineering and silversmithing experience, we are accomplished at realising our client’s visions to the utmost degree of precision, and have a full understanding of the level of care and attention that needs to be put into every job to realise the best physical and virtual outcomes.’

‘Rupert Todd’


Benjamin Ryan

‘With experience in making items such as jewellery and silverware from the bench, an awareness of best practise in 3D design and manufacturing is instilled into each of us. This often gives us an edge in comparison with other C.A.D bureaus as we know the reality of actually manufacturing a design that’s on screen, and use our extensive knowledge to realise our client’s visions in the best possible way.’

‘Ben Ryan’

Being a Jewellery Designer these days learning or knowing your way around CAD is a must have skill. Keen to develop in this area of my skill set, I arranged some private and group tuition with a few of my colleagues to learn Rhino 3D. The tutor from Wax-Masters was really patient with us and taught us a great deal in a really short space of time. After only a few sessions I feel reasonable competent in my abilities now, but am keen to push forward and learn even more in the future using this fantastic service.
Emma Raffe - Designer at Kit Heath